Thursday, 4 August 2016

Velocity at the Core Collective

The Core Collective is said to be 1 Rebel's West London rival, so I was keen to give this studio a try. I meant to sign up for their Thursday morning HITT class, but ended up getting confused between Velocity and Accelerate - one is HITT, one is spin, I still struggle to tell them apart... However, the staff kindly let me switch class without any problems.

Velocity involves 45 minutes of high intensity resistance training, using weights and various other bits of equipment. It's basically a fancy circuits class. As with 1 Rebel's Lower Body Reshape, there really isn't anything here you can't do on your own in the gym for a lot less money (a drop in class costs £28, although I used Class Pass, which is cheaper). However, if you need extrinsic motivation, this class offers a really good workout. It isn't as full-on as Lower Body Reshape, which makes it more suitable to people of different fitness levels.

And as with 1 Rebel, there is the additional motivation of getting to hang out in a fancy studio. The Core Collective's studio is actually very similar to 1 Rebel's. It offers stylish facilities, enormous towels, toiletries by Bamford, GHD straighteners and a smoothie bar. However, I have to say, is lacks some of the finishing touches that make 1 Rebel amazing, most notably there was no fridge with the lavender scented cold towels and no face products. The classes are more expensive than 1 Rebel (£28 vs £20), so I really do want that lavender scented cold towel!

On the other hand, the studio is in a really nice location, just off Kensington High Street. I could see myself going back on a Saturday morning and then doing some shopping or going to the park or to the V&A.

Let me know if you have any questions, plan to try this class, or if you've tried any other good classes at the Core Collective or elsewhere.

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